Navy Blue Vines Scrapbook Paper

Click on the free navy blue scrapbook paper to see it full size and download it

This free digital navy blue scrapbook paper features layers of creeping, intertwining vines, vaguely reminiscent of the tangles of water plants we have in the Everglades down here in South Florida. (4-1-2010 update: If you like green, you might also like this green scrapbook paper I just posted that has the same vine design.)

This modern scrapbooking paper design has a slight texture to it, so it almost looks like fabric. It's the result of an early morning spent experimenting in Picnik, the free graphics program. (UPDATE: Google bought Picnik and took it offline after a few years.) The design is a bit wild-looking but that's what I like that about it. It's also quite a departure from my usual button-down style.

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