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This free digital scrapbooking kit is called Fall Magic. It contains seven freebie PU/S4H scrapbooking paper designs in fall colors, patterns and textures; two clusters with cheerful autumn flowers and leaves; and one quickpage.

It's not even close to fall-like weather here in South Florida; we have two months to go before we can even wear long sleeves. But since most other people in the U.S. and elsewhere are getting ready for the changing seasons, I thought this mini-kit would be useful.

Download the Kit

The full Fall Magic scrapbook kit and a free Fall Magic quickpage are also available.

Many thanks to all the talented designers whose images were used to construct this kit: Helga of Granny Art, Cindy of Statchoo Scraps, Kelcey of LunaRosa Scraps, Lesley of Scrappiness Downunder, Cajoline of Cajoline Scrap and Jennifer of Pixels and Ice Cream.

Please read the terms of use text document within the kit for an explanation of what you can and cannot do with this kit.

I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment to let me know what you think of the freebies in this kit. Thanks!
This free digital scrapbooking kit is called Country Afternoon, and it's for those who love the peaceful country life. It features a trellis covered with flowers, surrounded by a weathered garden gate and an old well. A chicken grazes quietly by the well, presumably enjoying all the colorful flowers in bloom.

Download the Elements

Download the Papers 

There are 10 country-inspired PNG elements in this free kit, including a chicken, an egg, a well, a fence fronted by flowers, grass, a weathervane, a trellis covered in flowers, and three flower images. There is also a quick page that shows the trellis, fence and well combined. The eight matching papers come in soft shades of purple, blue, cream and mauve, in watercolor, distressed and stripe designs.

The elements for this kit came from Helga of Granny Art and the papers are altered versions of designs used by permission from Cindy of Statchoo Scraps, Kelcey of LunaRosa Scraps and Silke of Papierstudio Scrap Designs. Thanks to all of them for their creativity!

I hope you enjoy this PU/S4H digital kit, which can be used both for your personal scrapbooks or to make scrapbooks for clients. Please remember to read the Terms of Use included in the kit before you use it though.

Feel free to download my very first free digital scrapbook kit, too, which I posted a few days ago.

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you think of the kit. Thanks!
This personal use freebie digital scrapbooking kit is called Swirls, for obvious reasons. It will always be special to me because it's the first kit I've ever designed! I hope you like it and find it useful.

Download the Kit

The kit contains a quick page, two background papers and two transparent clusters, suitable to be used as frames. Its soft color palette of purple, ivory and teal would be perfect for a wedding or anniversary scrapbook, or to document any elegant occasion. This design is what my mother would have called "fancy schmancy." Since the 20th anniversary of her death is coming up in a few weeks, she's been on my mind. I'm sure she would have approved of this very feminine design.

Many thanks to Lesley of Scrappiness Downunder, Kelcey of LunaRosa Scraps and Cindy of Statchoo Designs for the elements and papers used in this digital kit.

Update 8-21-2010: I just designed my second digital scrapbook kit. Feel free to download it.

Please be sure to read and honor the short terms of use included inside the scrapbook kit. And feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what you think of the kit. Thanks!

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I just love these colorful pool party images, so I thought they'd make a cute mini kit. I also designed three invitations to match them (one for boys, one for girls, and one for boys and girls together), which I posted on my blog. See below for links to the invitations. They also come with a FREE matching set of cupcake toppers.

Download the Scrapbook Mini Kit

I must apologize to children everywhere with skin that is darker than the ones shown in the frame images above. I always like the images I create to reflect a wide variety of children, but the only illustrations with darker skin wouldn't have worked in these designs. But I'm happy to say that they do appear in the free matching invitation designs:

Download the Matching Invitations and Cupcake Toppers

If you want your blog or site readers to have this kit, please post a link to this page, so they can download it themselves. And please remember that it's for personal use only. Thanks!

CREDITS: Thanks to Cherry of Cherry Clipart for the cute images I used to create this kit and the invitations and cupcake toppers.

Click the link below the image to download the free "How Do You Like Them Apples?" scrapbooking kit

Download the Kit

I call this free mini CU/S4H/PU fall scrapbook kit How Do You Like Them Apples? for obvious reasons. The red and green apple images have a grungy look that matches my fall leaves and scrapbook papers, so these make a great addition for those who have bought or plan to buy those fall kits. There are also three matching word art elements.

It's unusual for me to offer free CU images, but I wanted people to be able to use the with my CU fall kits. Please do read and honor the terms of use in the kit, though, because "CU" doesn't mean "free reign."

The name of this scrapbook kit reminds me of one of the funniest lines in Good Will Hunting. For those who haven't seen the movie (and I highly recommend it), the interchange goes something like this:

Matt Damon's character is in a Harvard-area bar, trying to pick up Minnie Driver's character. While there he gets into a fight with several snobby Harvard students who don't think he's good enough. Naturally, though, he gets Driver's phone number, because he's so charming. After leaving the bar, he spots the snobs sitting at a table by the window in a coffee shop.

He yells through the window at the main snob, "Hey, do you like apples?" 

The snob looks confused but says, "Yeah, why?"

Damon slams the piece of paper with Driver's phone number against the window and says, "Because I got her number. How do you like them apples?"

I don't know if that's funny in print, but it makes me laugh every time I see the movie.

Anyway, I hope you do like these apples and the three fall word art elements that accompany them. Here's a link to buy the CU kits that match them (click the image):

Click the link below to download this free personal use autumn quickpage

Download the Quickpage

Update: The full Fall Magic Scrapbook Kit is now available.

This free personal use digital fall scrapbook quickpage was created with components from my Fall Magic scrapbook kit.

I wanted this kit to reflect its name: Fall Magic. So I've included birds wearing hats, an adorable mouse sipping tea from a china cup, butterflies, stars and other magical elements. There are also autumn word art elements and plenty of autumn-related images to round out the collection. Feel free to download the matching Fall Magic mini-kit that I already posted, along with the quickpage in this post.

Many thanks to the talented designers whose images were used to construct this quickpage and my Fall Magic kit: Helga of Granny Art, Lesley of Scrappiness Downunder, Cindy of Statchoo Scraps, Kelcey of LunaRosa Scraps, Cajoline of Cajoline Scrap and Jennifer of Pixels and Ice Cream.

This quickpage is for personal use only. Thanks in advance for honoring the terms of use. I hope you enjoy using it!

Click on the free digital floral bouquet scrapbook image to download the full-size image

Click the text link to download the free (PU/s4h) winter snowflake scrapbook paper

Click on the Download the Template link below to access the free personal use/scrap for hire undersea garden scrapbooking quickpage.

I couldn't resist creating this free personal use/scrap 4 hire quick page that gives a glimpse into a magical undersea world. It's suggested that you sing the Beatle's Octopus's Garden to get in the mood while you download it because that's what the page is called. I even included some of the lyrics in the layout: "I like to be under the sea."

Download the Template

The lovely ocean-related illustrations in this whimsical scrapbook page come from two commercial use kits from Eena's Creations ( I think they're lovely. I also made free printable cupcake toppers, beach party invitations and paper napkin rings out of them. You can find those on my Party Planning Center blog.

If you want your readers to have this Octopus Garden scrapbook quickpage, please either post a text link or the low-resolution version of it above or in the zip file and link to this page, so they can download it themselves. And please remember that it is for personal use or scrap 4 hire use only. I hope you'll find lots of uses for it!

Download the free personal use/scrap for hire spring strawberries and butterflies scrapbook frame image below.

Download the Wreath

I call this free spring scrapbooking frame "Strawberry Fields," for obvious reasons. Its cheerful strawberries, white blossoms and shiny green leaves are the perfect visual antidote for those of you who are still in the winter doldrums. It was created as a 300 dpi PNG file with a transparent background, so you can use it as a photo frame, journaling box or just a lovely embellishment on a scrapbook page or handmade card.

Many thanks to Helga Stolzenwald of, and Cajoline of for the use of their beautiful images.

This image is for personal and scrap-for-hire use only, so please don't use it commercially. If you would like to use it as part of a blog design, please make sure to link to this blog somewhere on your blog.

If you like this image, please click the Facebook "Like" button and/or leave a comment so I know you found it useful. I feel more inspired to create additional images if people give me nice feedback. Thanks!