Fleur de Lis Scrapbook Paper

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This free fleur de lis scrapbook paper is periwinkle, or pale blue-violet for the uninitiated. It features a subtle tone-on-tone effect that gives it a classy, low-key look. It's simple enough to be used a background behind other colors and textures, but the design can also stand alone.

You might want to try pairing it with my black scroll work scrapbook paper or the reverse version with black scroll work on a white background. (Update 2-7-2010: I just launched a collection of assorted free blue scrapbook papers that include this fleur de lis design in other shades of blue.)

I remember thinking when I was a child that periwinkle was a funny name. It's even funnier now that I know that a periwinkle is not only the name for a color in the lavender family and a pretty five-petaled purple flower, but it's also the name for a gastropod mollusc that looks a whole lot like a snail. Fortunately for you, I've chosen to depict a graceful fleur de lis in shades of periwinkle, not a periwinkle itself. I think the fleur de lis is a whole lot prettier.

I can definitely see this being used as the background for a handmade card. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll be using it for that purpose very soon. I hope you'll find some fun uses for this free scrapbook paper too. Please come back soon to download even more free scrapbooking supplies! 


  1. Senior DebutanteFebruary 03, 2010

    The periwinkle would be a nice wallpaper for a blogsite, too. Thanks.

  2. You're right! The subtle pattern would make a nice background.

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