Saturday, April 10, 2010

Green Vines Scrapbook Paper

 Click on the free green scrapbook paper to see it full size and download it.

This free green scrapbook paper has intertwining vines, just like the navy blue scrapbook paper I just posted. This scrapbook paper definitely reminds me of spring. Not only does it have the colors of fresh asparagus and grass sprouts, but the design is bursting with energy. It would look terrific with purple, pink or yellow accents. There are probably also a lot of other colors that would go well with it.

I used two layers of color for the vines in this paper and I like the multi-dimensional look that gives it. I'm sure it will come in useful for a few spring and summer projects! I hope you enjoy using it.

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Regina said...

Owwww...thank you so much for your freebies. I LOVE your blog so much.


Work'nPlay said...

Thanks, Regi! I really appreciate the kind words.