Purple Flourishes Scrapbook Paper

Click on the free purple scrapbook paper to see and download the full-size image

This free purple scrapbook paper features flourishes and a bit of an updated take on an old-world look. I hope you'll find it useful for scrapbook backgrounds, handmade cards, origami and other crafts -- whether you're going for a vintage look or not.

I'm a bit of a vintage lover, so this pattern appeals to that part of me. I also love purple. These shades of purple aren't exactly what you would think of as vintage, but that's why I like them! The design is more of an homage than a literal interpretation. It also has vertical straight lines, which I always find creeping into my work. I began my career as a technical illustrator many years ago (when computers weren't even thought of yet and we drew everything by hand!), so I fear all those airplane fuselages and flow charts I inked have seeped into my brain and are causing it to see things in quite a linear way.

The pretty flourishes in this scrapbook paper design are called "April Ornaments" and they come from Jennifer Furlotte of Pixels and Ice Cream. Thanks, Jennifer!

I hope you enjoy this purple scrapbook paper and find some fun uses for it.


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