Mom Tattoo Mothers Day Clipart

Click on the free Mother's Day scrapbook clipart to see and download the full-size image.

This "Mom" tattoo clip art is just in time for Mother's Day. These days, moms run the gamut from apron-wearing June Cleavers (the mom on TV's Leave It to Beaver, for those who are too young to remember it) to biker moms with tattoos. So this tattoo clip art that honors dear old mom just might reflect where your mom is at.

Yay for moms in all their forms! It's great to live in an era when diversity is not only tolerated, but occasionally -- as it is on Mother's Day -- is also celebrated.

If you're a mom, I wish you a happy Mother's Day. I think you do the most important job in the world, so you deserve to be celebrated not just on one day but year-round! :-)


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