Orange Leaves Fall Scrapbook Paper

Click on the free fall scrapbook paper to see it full size and download it

This free fall scrapbook paper conjures up images of fallen orange leaves on a rainy autumn afternoon. You know what I mean? When it's raining and the leaves layer one on top of another on the ground to form a wet carpet?

Pardon me for waxing rhapsodic; I guess I'm just craving fall. Although it's cooled down over the last few days, it's been a generally brutal summer here in South Florida and I'm ready for cooler weather.

This fall scrapbook paper is part of a much larger collection of fall and Thanksgiving scrapbook papers I just finished, which include a wide variety of free printable designs. This falling leaves scrapbook paper is one of the more subtle designs. There are also some bold and colorful whimsical trees and leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, acorns, "Happy Thanksgiving" wishes and some coordinating stripes and solids in fall colors. If you like orange, brown, avocado and acid green, dusty pink, maroon or rust, you'll probably like this collection of free scrapbook papers. Many of these are just perfect for Thanksgiving crafts like these.


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