Vintage Pink Rose Scrapbook Embellishment

Click on the free vintage rose scrapbooking element image to see it full size

Love your mother? Then use this beautiful vintage rose scrapbook embellishment to write her a short tribute note in a scrapbook made especially for her for Mother's Day.

You can also use this scrapbook embellishment for vintage wedding scrapbooks or even for birthdays. And you don't have to restrict yourself to using this as one of your scrapbooking supplies. This image can be used to create a handmade greeting card, a table place card, or a wedding invitation or thank you note. You could even cut out part of the note card area of the image and layer it over a photo to make a frame. The uses for this image are practically endless.

I love the gorgeous colors in this vintage painting. Wherever you add this pretty rose will certainly be enhanced by it. And it has been modified to removed the original message, so you can write whatever you want on it.

Also, I hate to be like a broken record because I say this in almost every vintage art post but this would be even more beautiful with glitter glue enhancing it. For me, a vintage image just isn't "done" until it has a little sparkle.

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