Fall Leaves Scrapbook Cluster

Download the fall leaves scrapbook frame by clicking the link below

This free PU/S4H fall scrapbook cluster frame was created using my fall leaf elements. It started out quite simply but I got carried away and couldn't stop adding leaves. Hence, we have the ornate cluster you see before you! I hope you find it useful for your personal or scrap for hire projects. (No commercial use of this freebie, please.)

I'm a little biased, but I think this frame came out kind of pretty! ;-) It reminds me a lot of the seemingly billions of leaves that used to fall every autumn in the yard of the house I grew up in. There was a liquid amber tree in the front yard that had beautiful colored leaves in the fall. It stood out because there weren't a lot of colorful leaves in the part of L.A.'s San Fernando Valley where I lived. Most trees went from green to gray-brown to naked in rapid succession. Now I live in South Florida and there's nary an autumn leaf to be seen. But we do have spectacular giant flowering trees with blossoms in bright shades of persimmon and yellow in the spring, so that kind of balances things out.

If you'd like to purchase the CU/S4H/PU fall leaves used to construct the cluster or the fall papers that match them, click the links below:

There's also a bundle for a reduced price if you want both. It includes a bonus free quickpage that uses the scrapbooking frame in this post.

Happy scrapping! :-)


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