Happy Pumpkins Halloween Scrapbook Paper

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I couldn't resist these carved Jack-o-lantern pumpkin photos I found on Picnik (UPDATE: That site no longer exists), so I made them into another one of my free Halloween scrapbook papers. I chose only smiling pumpkins (and one that has the time-honored "Trick or Treat" carved into it) because I don't like the scary side of Halloween as much as the more whimsical and fun aspects. Not that I think there's anything wrong with the wilder side of Halloween; I've just never been one for gross or scary stuff. So we've got photos of a bunch of very happy pumpkins, gathered together for your scrapbooking pleasure. Personally, I think this design is a hoot.

I hope you make a lot of fun projects with this free Halloween pumpkin scrapbook paper. Please come back again for more of my free scrapbooking supplies.


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