Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free Light Blue Flower Scrapbook Paper

free blue flower scrapbook paperClick on the free blue flower scrapbook paper to see it full size.

You'll probably find this all-purpose free blue flower scrapbook paper handy for a variety of purposes. It will make a great background for scrapbooks or handmade cards -- whether they're for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries or just everyday life.

I like to use this design as a background for handmade cards with several layers of colored paper "frames" on top of it, with a piece of vintage art in the middle. There are also several other colors of this design available free on my flower scrapbook paper hub, along with many other floral scrapbook paper, borders and journaling card embellishment designs. You can see a few of them in the sidebar ad that also links to that hub. Please feel free to hop on over and help yourself to some free downloads.

My flower scrapbook papers and embellishments collection was designed using, the free online graphics program. To learn how to use Picnik to design your own printables, read my tutorial that explains how to design your own clip art.

I hope you have a good a time using this free flower scrapbook paper! Please come back soon to download more free scrapbooking supplies.

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