Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Halloween Scrapbook Journaling Card Embellishment

Click on the free Halloween scrapbook journaling card to see it full size.

This free Halloween scrapbook journaling card embellishment lets you tell your own scary Halloween story. It features a few spiders and their webs, which are iconic Halloween images that may not actually deserve the bad rap they get. I'm not sure how the poor spider got the reputation of being something creepy that we should fear. Most of them are actually quite harmless and much more concerned with creating their beautiful webs and feeding themselves than bothering humans. Oh well. At least these spiders don't have to fear being crushed by panicking human beings; they'll just live on in your scrapbook.

If you'd like some more free Halloween art to go with this journaling card, visit my black and white Halloween clip art hub. You might even find a few more spiders there, along with witches, bats and things that go bump in the night. And of course you'll want to see the matching "creepy spider" Halloween scrapbook paper.

I hope that you'll come back soon to download more of my free scrapbooking supplies. Please see the sidebar for many more freebies.

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