Vintage Seed Packet Embellishment

Click on the Victorian seed packet scrapbook embellishment to download it

I'm a bit of a vintage art fanatic and have another site with a huge collection of vintage images but something that never ceases to amaze me is the beauty of Victorian and vintage seed packets. In some cases, the level of detail and quality of the paintings rivals the great masters.

This seed packet embellishment is a perfect example. Released in 1889 by the D.M. Ferry Company of Detroit, Michigan, this packet of asters is both colorful and whimsical. It also features some gorgeous lettering, the likes of which we don't see today.

This scrapbook embellishment would be perfect for use in a Victorian- or vintage-look scrapbook, or even for a handmade card. And as I always advocate when vintage flowers are involved, the use of a small amount of different colors of glitter glue would make this image really pop.


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