Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Birthday Scrapbook Paper

free teal star burst birthday scrapbook paperClick on the free birthday scrapbook paper to see it full size.

This free star burst birthday scrapbook paper is part of a much bigger collection of free papers designed just for birthday scrapbooks. (Of course, you can also use them for wrapping small birthday gifts, like CDs!) To see the entire collection, please click the link in the first sentence of this paragraph or the ad in the sidebar.

There are three distinct designs in the collection but this one is the most colorful and downright exuberant. The design also comes with a magenta background and both colors also have versions with just stars (no "Happy Birthday!"), and stars and stripes. That means these more generic papers can be used for other purposes besides birthdays, such as Father's Day, Mother's Day or even Fourth of July.

As with all my other papers, this collection was designed using, the free online graphics program anyone can use. I highly recommend it! To learn how to use Picnik to design your own art, read my tutorial that explains how to make your own art.

I hope you have as good a time using this free birthday scrapbook paper as I had creating it! Please come back soon to download more free scrapbooking supplies.

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