Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Scrapbooking Supplies: Victorian Scrapbook Embellishments

Victorian scrapbook embellishment -- flower calling card
Victorian scrapbook embellishment vintage girl calling cardClick on the Victorian scrapbook embellishments to see them full size

If you lived in Victorian times, you wouldn't have gone to someone's home without leaving your calling card. If you did that today, the person you were visiting would probably think you were trying to sell something! But in days gone by, it was just standard procedure. These calling cards were often ornate and included the name of the caller so there would be a record of the visit. These cards probably more often than not ended up in the scrapbooks produced by Victorian ladies. So these Victorian scrapbook embellishments are a perfect reminder of those days and a great addition if you love to incorporate vintage elements into your scrapbooks.

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