Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Flower Scrapbook Journaling Card Embellishment

Click on the free flower scrapbook journaling box embellishment to see it full size.

This free scrapbook journaling box matches the purple flower scrapbook paper I posted a few weeks ago. I ordinarily put lines inside the journaling boxes I design but I thought this one was so pretty without them, I left them out. Also, I thought this would make a lovely photo frame if you cut around the inside round border and the edges of the flower that fall inside the circle. If you want the lines for journaling, you can always use a ruler to add them after you print the embellishment. Or if you have Photoshop or Fireworks, you can add them to the digital art.

This journaling card is part of a much larger collection of flower scrapbook papers and embellishments I designed at Picnik.com. Click the "Free Scrapbook Paper and Embellishments" sidebar ad to see all the art. To learn how to use Picnik to design your own art, read my tutorial that explains how to create your own clip art.

I hope you have as good a time using this flower scrapbook journaling card as I had creating it! Please come back any time to download more of my free scrapbooking supplies.

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