Saturday, May 23, 2009

Free Patriotic Scrapbook Journaling Card Embellishment

Click on the free patriotic scrapbook journaling card to see it full size.

People who are visiting this blog from other parts of the world might not relate to this post, because it's strictly for Americans. An Australian woman once posted on my Fourth of July clip art hub that she had noticed from afar and respected how much Americans love the U.S. flag. I never thought about it before she brought it up but it's true. Our national freedom and ideals have been hard-won by people who laid their lives on the line and our flag is a symbol of that.

We have a lot of patriotic holidays that celebrate the flag and people who fought for it. The first one of the year is this weekend: Memorial Day, when we honor those who died in American wars. Because I come from a family that had two men who served in the military, I felt inspired by this holiday to design a journaling card that can be used to write in a scrapbook about a Memorial Day picnic, concert or any other event. But its use doesn't have to stop there. This patriotic scrapbook embellishment can also be used for Flag Day in June, the Fourth of July, Veterans Day in November and even to make notes about local elections.

I've designed a whole set of free patriotic papers and embellishments that match this journaling card, so hop on over if you'd like to download them. I've posted one of them (American flag scrapbook paper) on this blog. I also have a page with American flag clip art if you'd like to add even more patriotic touches to your scrapbook.

I hope you'll come back soon to download more free scrapbooking supplies. Please also see the sidebar for many more.

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