Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Scrapbooking Supplies: Santa Claus 3D Stickers

Except for possibly Jesus, there's no more iconic Christmas image than Santa Claus. He was portrayed a little differently in vintage art than he is today, but he's always been the symbol of unconditional love for children at Christmas time.

This vintage Santa Claus 3D scrapbook sticker, which was digitally converted from a vintage Christmas card into a form that can be used in scrapbooks, comes in two sheets. You can cut out and layer as many or as few of the pieces as you want, which will simulate the results of using die cutting machines that are specially made for scrapbooking. Obviously, the more layers you apply, the thicker the finished sticker will be. In addition to using it in your arsenal of scrapbooking supplies, this design is ideal for creating vintage-inspired handmade Christmas cards or shadowboxes. The edges are a little detailed when you get down to the smaller pieces, so you'll want to have your manicure scissors or a sharp craft knife on-hand. But if you decide to use even the smallest level, your patience will be rewarded. The effect of having all those layers will be stunning!

For a 3D effect that won't buckle under pressure in your scrapbook, print the sheet on the heaviest card stock your printer will allow and use foam adhesive tape similar to the kind shown at the bottom of this post. You might also want to apply a little Elmer's glitter glue, which I highly recommend for adding some professional-looking sparkle. I've tried almost every kind of glitter glue on the market and I've never found any brand better than Elmer's. You'll find links to buy Elmer's glitter glue in the Amazon carousel below.

And if you're interested in more free scrapbooking supplies, check out my Free Clip Art Sourcebook e-book. It's free to download and is filled with all kinds of clip art, greeting cards, scrapbooking supplies, coloring pages and other fun stuff. It's all free, so help yourself!

I recommend the following scrapbooking supplies to embellish these 3D stickers:

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